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Arbeidsrecht & Ondernemingsrecht advocaten Rotterdam

We focus on solutions



The lawyers from IJsseldijk van Cappelle Advocaten work efficiently and with energy. They have to, since many legal problems require urgent attention. We work with the client to chart a way forward, whether we remain quietly in the background, or take the lead. The goal, of course, is ‘the best case scenario' for the client as identified by us on the basis of our years of experience.

We are also happy to advise business for the longer term, for example in regard to contracts for services, sick-leave policy, or dealing with employees who fail to perform adequately. We provide ‘in-house’ courses, where we can discuss employment-law issues with the aid of practical examples.

We use the most up-to-date know-how systems, so that we keep abreast of relevant employment-law developments. In addition we take regular continuous education programmes though the employment law department of Erasmus University, Rotterdam, with which our firm has a close association.

Where necessary or desirable, IJsseldijk van Cappelle Advocaten has recourse to its network of professional relationships. We may consult, for example, tax experts and financial advisors. For work of an international nature. IJsseldijk van Cappelle Advocaten can rely on its network to consult lawyers based abroad.


Lawyers at IJsseldijk van Cappelle Advocaten charge for their work on the basis of an hourly rate agreed in advance with the client. Work is invoiced monthly on the basis of a breakdown of time spent on work. We do not carry out any legal-aid work.

We do not charge for administration. We do, however, apply VAT and charge for any disbursements (court fees, bailiff’s fees, etc.).


Lawyers at IJsseldijk van Cappelle Advocaten comply with their statutory obligations with respect to privacy. We refer you to our Privacy Statement which is available here.


IJsseldijk van Cappelle Advocaten is a strategic collaboration of three separate law firms (professional partnerships). Instructions are therefore accepted by one of the relevant law firms (professional partnerships).
All instructions given to us are governed by our general terms and conditions, which you can find here. A copy of these general conditions will be sent to you free of charge on request.


It is possible that despite our best endeavours, you may nevertheless be dissatisfied with our service and wish to file a complaint. We therefore have complaints regulations as prescribed by the Netherlands Bar. You can find these complaints regulations here.