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Arbeidsrecht & Ondernemingsrecht advocaten Rotterdam

mr. Antoinette van Cappelle, mr. Jan Willem IJsseldijk, mr. Piet Peeters, Gabriela Trogrlic

Welcome to our firm in the heart of Rotterdam


Peeters IJsseldijk & van Cappelle Advocaten is a trading name of a strategic alliance between three separate and independent law firms. We are not a partnership as defined by the Legal Profession regulations.

We combine our forces and share our expertise to the benefit of our clients. Are you interested in how we deal with issues of privacy? Click here. For our general terms and conditions, click here.

Our credo is: ‘We will sort it out’. A client does not instruct a lawyer to be told they have a problem. They know they have, or could have, a problem and they want a solution.



Employment law is always undergoing change. More than any other field of law, it has been used as a political football and the end result of sometimes years of tussle. Achievements made in employment law are often subsequently surrendered in a different political climate. The climate is therefore uncertain, when it is clear that employment law would benefit from a climate of calm and certainty.

In addition to the diverse directions taken by political ideas, we are seeing social changes, changes to types of work available and to technological developments. But ultimately it is the issue of employment that remains so vital for most businesses. This is why it is so important to follow employment legislation to see whether changes bring opportunities and/or they require us to change tack.

On your behalf, whether you are an employer or employee, we closely monitor employment legislation. On 1 January 2020 the Dutch Balanced Labour Market Act (Wet arbeidsmarkt in Balans) came into force. This has introduced many changes and virtually all employers need to again consult their ‘Employment’ files. We are happy to undertake this work with you and for you.


Within our strategic alliance we refer to ‘entrepreneurs’ law’ more than to ‘business law’. The specialist fields of our alliance of independent lawyers cover a large area of legal fields with which an entrepreneur is faced on a daily basis.

Examples of these fields include contracts for services, such as agency agreements, distribution agreements, lease contracts and employment contracts. However, an entrepreneur also has to deal with bank finance, bad debts, purchase contracts, general terms and conditions and collaboration agreements. We have experience in all these fields.

In fields in which we have limited or no experience, such as family law, administrative law and criminal law, we will be happy to refer you to a specialist lawyer within our network. The same applies if it is necessary to instruct a lawyer in another country.
We look forward to discussing with you the ways in which we can provide you with an effective and efficient service.



Employment Law Rotterdam